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Flag of Azerbaijan


Hello Mark, It's that very mentor applicant from Baku.Thank you for visiting Azerbaijan! It was a great honor to see you here! Hope ypu have had a great time in Baku!Gunay M. has been recently mailing Zoe concerning my submission as a mentor, but she doesn't get reply form. I was wondering wether you can help us. Kind Regards, Toghrul.

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Flag of Bulgaria


Hello Mark,

Iíve been to the summer camp 4 times and Iím completely inlove with it. That is why when I turned 18 I decided to apply for becoming a staff member. Because of the Easter break I coudnít attend the trial days and was informed that I have to wait for a potential interview. Sadly Iíve been emailing the school, but still have no response. I would be very happy if something could be done.

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Flag of Argentina


Hi Mark, I am going to millfield this July, and I would want to know how my schedule will be.

At what time do we have to wake up, when is breakfast and when start the classes.

Thank you

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Flag of Italy


Hi Mark I'm Sofia from Italy, I would like to know: Is there at Millfield a catholic church I could go on Sundays?

thank you for answering.

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