Privacy Notice for Holiday Courses, Events and Lettings - Key Information

This notice contains the key information about how and why we collect your personal information and that of your child (where applicable) and what we do with that information. Personal information is information that identifies you and relates to you, e.g. information about your family circumstances, your financial information and photographs of you.

We strongly recommend reading the full version of our Privacy Policy which is published on the School's website and can be found here Millfield Privacy Policy. You can also obtain a copy of the full Privacy Notice by contacting the Information and Privacy Officer at the School by email at; by telephone at +44 1458 444 284; or by post at Millfield, Street, BA16 0YD.

The full version includes additional points, such as the rights you and your child have about your information including what decisions you can make about your information, for how long the School retains your personal information and our legal bases for using your personal information. It also explains the rights which your child has over his/her personal data.

The School's primary reason for using your and your child's personal information is to facilitate your or your child's attendance at the holiday course, event or letting.

We set out below examples of the different ways in which we use your personal information and where that personal information comes from.

  • We obtain information about you and your child from booking forms. We may also get information from educational agents and sometimes professionals such as doctors and from local authorities.
  • We may obtain information about any family circumstances which might affect your child's welfare or happiness.
  • We will process financial information about you in relation to the payment of course fees. In some cases we get information about you from third parties such as credit reference agencies.
  • We may take photographs or videos of you or your child to use on social media, print materials and on the School website. This is to show prospective parents and pupils what we do here and to advertise the courses. We may continue to use these photographs and videos after the course or event has finished.
  • We will send you information to keep you up to date with what is happening at the School, e.g. by sending you information about events and activities taking place (including fundraising events) in newsletters.
  • We will keep details of your address when you or your child leaves the School so we can send you information about the courses.

In some situations we may need to share your information and that of your child with third parties, e.g.:

  • In accordance with our legal obligations, we will share information with local/relevant authorities where we have any safeguarding concerns.
  • If you have unpaid fees we may share information about this with other schools or educational establishments to which you intend to send your child.
  • On occasion, we may need to share information with the police, our legal advisors and our insurers.

You have the following rights regarding your information:

  • Rectification of information held;
  • Access to information held;
  • Deletion of information in certain circumstances;
  • Portability - the transfer of information to you or a third party;
  • Restriction of use of information; and
  • The right to object to the use of information in certain circumstances.

These rights are explained in more detail in the full Privacy Notice, and the School's Information and Privacy Officer (the Bursar) can give you more information.

The Bursar is the person responsible at our school for managing how we look after personal information. The Bursar can answer any questions which you may have about how we use your personal information.