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i am Nadia , i really looking forward to make friends to !! so , i think we can be friends

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I'm going to Street campus as well.

Thank you all.

See you.

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Hello I am Kiara, I will also be an english mentor and I will be at millfield for a week while you are. Millfield is amazing and you will definitely have the best time! Mentors are here to support and help students throughout the course not only with learning English but also to help you make friends . I look forward to meeting you , please let me know if you have any questions or I can help you!

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Iím aurora and I'm going to be an English mentor at Millfield at the same time as you but Iím going to the street campus. Which one are you going to x

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Hi, this means that we are from the UK and our native language is English (usually). We attend the course free of charge to make friends and support foreign students learning English. We stay for two of the weeks to have fun and meet new people :)

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My name is Pierfrancesco and I'm going to stay at Millfield from 7th to 28th of July. I'll attend a FCE course. This is my first time on this platform and it'll be my first time at Millfield as well. I'd like to get in touch with someone before my arriving.

I read that some of you are "mentors". What does it mean?

I'd also like to know something more about Millfield in advance.

Thank you.


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