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Hi Meiling

My name is Taisie.l will be at Glastonbury campus too but I am going on weeks 3 &4.So I might see you on week 4 .Have fun at Millfield!!

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Hey Melling! this will be my third year at the Glastonbury campus and I cant wait! I'm going for the final two weeks (4th-18th) I'm not on the same weeks as you but can assure you that you will love every moment of it xx the staff are really friendly and if you have any worries or are felling home sick they are the perfect people to talk too xx for me it was, and still is, my second home xx Enjoy!

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Hello my name is Meiling and im eleven years old, this is my first time to be an English mentor. I'm going to the Glastonbury campus for week 4 and 5 (28th July-11th August)I'm so excited :)


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